Startup Metrics

Startup Metrics

Course Overview:

The main objective of the course is to provide a complete understanding of the metrics that Startups need, which will help them become revenue generating ventures. The importance of these metrics will be highlighted in the process of fund raising and the role they play in the judging criteria used by the investors. The participant will also be able to gain an investor perspective to better understand the metrics and evaluation criteria that help in the initial stages of fund raising.  

Course Content:

GEM 1 – User Metrics

GEM 2 – Financial Metrics

GEM 3 – User Acquisitions & Marketing Metrics

GEM 4 – Sales Metrics

GEM 5 – Business plan for Startups

GEM 6 – Introduction to Fund Raising for Startups

GEM 7 – Judging Criteria for Startups

GEM 8 – Evaluation: Investor Perspective

GEM 9 – Discussion on evaluating a Startup