Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Course Overview:

This course provides the introduction to the role of fund raising for the successful growth of a business venture. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to raise money for their Startup and the various investment term sheets structured for fund raising.  The course enables the participant to gain a deeper understanding between a private equity fund and venture capital fund, and the factors leading to the success of a venture. Participants will benefit from the study on various successful PE & VC deals to understand the importance of effective fund raising.

Course Content:

GEM 1 – Introduction to the Funding Lifecyle for Startups

GEM 2 – Essentials for an investor presentation

GEM 3 – Key Financial Statements

GEM 4 – Overview of various ways to raise money

GEM 5 – Private equity fund structure

GEM 6 – Venture capital fund structure

GEM 7 – Success factors for PE and VC deals

GEM 8 – Criteria to choose the appropriate funding model

GEM 9 – Study of successful Private Equity and Venture Capital deals