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Our Story 01

Our Story

What are we about

Govin Academy is a brain child of Dr. Anand Govindaluri, a veteran investor in healthcare and technology companies globally. Dr. Govindaluri felt the need to have a structured curriculum for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management that will nurture Technology Professionals to be the best Technopreneurs during their Startup endeavours.

Our Values 02

Our Values

G – Go Give, Go Win Philosophy: Sharing of knowledge is vital for excellence in business.
O – Outperform, Outreach, Outlast: “Age Quod Agis” means Do Well in Whatever You Do.
V – Voice your ideas always “Think out-of-the box”.
I – Integrity is critical for one’s own identity.
N – Never Give Up.

Our Vision & Mission 03

Our Vision & Mission

To be Asia’s leading academy in Startup Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

To nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem by incubating Startups, promoting academic entrepreneurship via online education and boot camps for Startup founders.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Boot Camp

2-Day Bootcamps that help achieve a world-class business plan, raising funds from investors, commercializing your invention into a viable Startup and much more


The Govin Entrepreneurship Module(s) or GEM courses provide enhanced learning on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Startup metrics, Fund Raising and many more. The GEM Courses can be taken online or as a Entrepreneurship Development Programs.

Startup Accelerator

Participants with the zeal to start their own venture can join the programs at Startup Accelerator India (SAI). SAI is a global innovation network that accelerates early stage Startups into revenue generating businesses

Mentor Connect

Connect and interact with the best mentor in the industry through video and email medium

International Payments

Accessible and easy payment gateway through PayPal

Hosted Content

All content is uploaded from our site and can be accessed anywhere.

Our Partners

It was a fruitful journey with Govin Capital. Mr Anand is not only a financial partner; but also mentor, visionary and family member of eBeeCare. He is definitely one of the best venture partner for any healthcare start-up in Singapore.
Dr Bethan Hughes
Anand's perspective on life science investment strategies was insightful and relevant for any economy - established or emerging. It was a privilege to benefit from his first-hand experience.
Robert Fu
A talk that really got my attention and admiration was one given recently by Anand Govindaluri, as guest speaker at the SMU Advanced Certificate in Technopreneurship which I am attending. Anand shared insights into successes and failures in taking great ideas to the market, investment approaches and falling and getting up, which were all very useful for any entrepreneur to imbibe into their system. In his anecdotes, Anand's examples also gave a strong and refreshing injection of pride in our Singapore system that has been much maligned these days by the circulation and recirculation by careless and mindless readers on the social media. My admiration was definitely shared by most of the attendees at the talk.