Biomedical Entrepreneurship

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide participants with a strategic overview of best practices in leadership and investment management of innovative, technology-oriented, high growth biomedical enterprises. Also, provides a strategic insight in the business development and marketing of biomedical products and technologies. An overview of the R&D division of the pharmaceutical industry is provided to better comprehend the innovation in the industry. The course has been structured such that it covers all aspects ranging from product pricing strategies, in- and out-licensing of products and technologies in business development, issues in market entry and development, brand development etc.  

Course Content:

GEM 1 – Leadership, governance, and management of world-class healthcare companies

GEM 2 – Strategic management of innovation and technology commercialization

GEM 3 – Financial analysis and investment management in technology companies

GEM 4 –  Business development and marketing of bio products, services, and medical technologies

GEM 5 – Best practice management – Legal & Intellectual property in Healthcare companies

GEM 6 – D3: Drug discovery & Development

GEM 7 – Technology transfer & licensing agreements

GEM 8 – Exit strategies for Biomedical enterprises

GEM 9 – Business Plan for Biomedical & MedTech Startups