Biopharma Alliance Management

Biopharma Alliance Management

Course Overview:

The main objective of the course is to help understand the strategic imperative for partnerships and alliances in the biopharmaceutical industry. The course offers the best practice frameworks and tools for effective alliance management that lead to successful commercialization. The participant will be able to identify the right approach to plan for partnerships and gain an understanding on the fundamental concept to achieve successful outcomes through alliances.  

Course Content:

GEM 1 – Strategic overview of Technopreneurship and innovation

GEM 2 – Corporate Governance

GEM  3 – Strategic Management of Bio-oriented Technology Companies

GEM 4 – Systems and Organizational Management in A Successful Partnerships and Commercialisation

GEM 5 – Project and Program Management in Alliances

GEM 6 – Regulatory and Best Practice Considerations

GEM 7 – Introduction to Commercialisation Strategy

GEM 8 – Marketing and Sales Operation

GEM  9 – Strategic Alliances and Partnerships: Case Studies